Black dinner

The first day a puzzling gourmet black food dinner is held for food enthusiasts, art lovers & black addicts. First inspired from a Georges Perec novel then completely reinterpreted by our head chef Nate Green, this is a chance to experiment the curious yet lovely combination of black & food, to enjoy the taste of black. The dishes are not the only thing being served during this very special moment where, thanks to all Projet Noir artists working together with Nathan, ALL the five senses will be wooed :  taste of course but also sight, smell, hearing and even touch ! The black dinner is an tremendous opportunity for a full and unique experience.  "Black is a Color" said Henri Matisse said. Would black also be a taste ?

"Le dernier repas, en 1970, fût un repas noir servi dans des assiettes d'ardoises polies : il comportait évidemment du caviar, mais aussi des calamars à la tarragonaise, une selle de marcassin de Camberland, une salade de truffes et une charlotte aux myrtilles ; les boissons de cet ultime repas fûrent plus difficiles à choisir : le caviar fût servi avec de la vodka versée dans des gobelets de basalte, le calamar avec un vin résiné d'un rouge effectivement très sombre et pour la selle de marcassin le maître d'hotel fit passer deux bouteilles de Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1955 transvasées pour la circonstance dans des décanteurs en cristal de Bohème ayant toute la noirceur requise."

"The last meal in 1970 was a black meals served on plates of polished slate: he evidently included caviar but also squid "à la tarragonaise", a saddle of Camberland wild boar, a truffle salad and blueberry charlotte. The drinks for this last meal were more difficult to choose: the caviar was served with vodka poured into basalt cups , squid with retsina wine actually a very dark red and for the saddle boar the maître d'hotel choose two bottles of Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1955 poured for the occasion in Bohemian crystal decanters with all the darkness required. 

in "La Vie mode d'emploi"   Georges Perec

Tuesday November 4th, 9pm

price : 2,500 HK$ (wines included)
dress code : black

PROJET Noir at the space  210 Hollywood road. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong