Cabinet de Curiosité

The term cabinet originally

describe a room rather than

a piece of furniture. The classic cabinet of curiosities emerged in the sixteenth century ,although more rudimentary collections had existed earlier. It provide a solace and retreat for contemplation through symbolic arrangement of the display,

ceremoniously presented.

Display of unusual objects: discover, admire -and acquire- shells, stuffed animals,

horns, skeletons, photographs, minerals, books, jewelry, tableware, etc…

The seventeenth-century

cabinets were filled with preserved animals, horns, 

tusks, skeletons, minerals as well as other  interesting

man-made objects:

sculptures wondrously old,

wondrously fine or wondrously small; clockworkautomata; ethnographic specimens from exotic locations. Often they

would contain a mix of fact

and  fiction,, including

apparently mythical creatures.

Open everyday 11am to 7.30pm 

PROJET Noir at the space  210 Hollywood road. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong