New creation from a Hong Kong based collective

lead by Alice Rensy with

Jessica Cheung (HK),

Yang Hao (China)

working for the first time together.

The piece result from a research carried out in hong Kong 

using a music selection carefully structured 

as a base and first source of emotion.


Dancers movements, solo, duets and video interventions

embody nocturial rise and take the audience

into a sentimental journey 

to the magic of a midnight bath in the sea.
(approx. 55 min).



Wed. November 5th at 7.30pm 
Thu. November 6th at 9pm 
Fri. November 7th at 7.30pm 
Sat. November 9th at 9pm 

"Vespers" : artistic collaboration : Yang Hao, Jessica Cheung, Alice Rensy   performers:  Yang Hao   Jessica Cheung

production Alice Renzy productions & Tu Ying productions 

PROJET Noir at the space  210 Hollywood road. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong