We lost the Night



Let us not talk much about what we will see and hear here.

Let the mystery mellow our pleasure. 

Just know that this is a journey into the night


Where everything is at stake,

the true place of the founding act of life. 

Where impulses that give life and death move freely.

Where we come from and where we return tirelessly. Where we love.

Wed, November 5th at 9.00pm 
Thu, November 6th at 7.30pm 
Fri, November 7th at 9.00pm
Sat, November 8th at 7.30pm 

 Direction : Fabrice Michel  Acting : Fabrice MichelJezabel d'Alexis, Hao Yang  Lights : Fabrice Michel & Lalie Choffel

co-oroduction : Tu Ying productions ltd. & Alice Rensy productions.

PROJET Noir at the space  210 Hollywood road. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong