Jezabel D'ALEXIS  actress

After training at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Avignon from 1989 to 1992 and obtaining a Modern Letter Master at University she join Coy Jodel Mazzuchini and Papini and plays "Missed Dialogues" (Tabucchi) and "The negro blood" (Valletti). Since 1994 she continue her work as an actress with an emphasis on contemporary directors (Boulay, Matignon, Doumbia, Dimech, Lerquet, Masset, Benoît, Konrad, Lelardoux, Brétecher) with whom she works on modern authors as Koltes, Copi, Valletti, Bond, Yacine, Dostoevsky, Garcia, Muller, Hirata, Griboedov, Vinaver, Batista, Crimp, Kane etc …   Repeatedly assistant staging with F. Dimech, she directs Jean Marc Fillet in “I show ‘em how I die" inspired by Novarina and directs herself (with the help of JM Fillet) in Just Hamlet (S. Valletti). Her curiosity allows her to make a professional approach of Buto dance with Koseki, contact dance of M. Tompkins and photography with Celine Marrou (with whom she works on "Last Fragments of a long journey" by C. Singer).